Get free delivery in Chiang Mai Old Town and Hang Dong with orders over 750 Baht or 1250 Baht in all other areas. Delivery fee for smaller orders: 50 Baht in Chiang Mai Old Town and Hang Dong, and 75 Baht in all other areas.

  • Bacon


    Traditionally cold smoked with lamyai wood, minimal shrinkage, bundles of flavor.
  • Burgers


    We use Kho Khun beef for all our beef dishes (French male bull mixed with local Thai cows, now a recognized breed.  Great quality and flavour, superior to Thai beef)
  • Sausages


    We use collagen skins which are 100% natural (Imported from Japan). If you require a certain type of sausage or a more spicier version please feel free to request. Please allow a minimum of four days and a minimum order of 4 kg for bespoke products.