Easter time is coming. Laughing Monkey has several special food items for your Easter meal. Combine them with a nice salad and some of our other products and have a lovely family meal. Order ahead by April 1. 

Laughing Monkey is a unique food producer in Chiang Mai. We produce smoked bacon, homemade sausages, ready meals, and other English and European food classics. We use local products and ingredients to prepare great tasting food, without artificial flavoring or chemicals. Our products are vacuum packed,  fresh or frozen, ready for you to eat at home.

Get free delivery in Chiang Mai Old Town and Hang Dong with orders over 750 Baht or 1250 Baht in all other areas. Delivery fee for smaller orders: 50 Baht in Chiang Mai Old Town and Hang Dong, and 75 Baht in all other areas.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm for pickup at the shop. And on these days we deliver in the afternoon with our own driver. Sunday we are closed.
Order on our website, via the Facebook shop, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (+66803136634), call us at 0803136634, or add us to your Line app.

Season Specialty

honey glazed ham

Honey glazed ham, home cured and roasted, finished with honey & studded with cloves.